In 2016, ANNIHILVS released the long-delayed final EP by VVLTVRE. In 2019, we proudly present HANG ME: ARCHIVE OF ANNIHILATION. This collection includes the four tracks from their double vinyl release, as well as a selection of other material collected from the band's all-too-brief existence. 

This release will also be available as a Bundle, including an original copy of the 2xLP edition of HANG ME. Released by CORLEONE RECORDS in 2012, this double vinyl is packaged in a gatefold jacket and includes a 32-page silkscreened booklet.

“…think The Body crossed with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, a sort of blacknoise doom, or a noise rock sludge, when the band lock into these dense looped rhythms, it almost sounds like a Lightning Bolt 45 spinning at 16 rpm. The [closing] track gradually begins to revert to the opening, like some sort of doom sludge palindrome, the sound getting more abstract, the rhythms more spare, a death march pound, over rumbling crumbling low end, laced with some cool tripped out backwards effects… splinters into some seriously harsh heaviness, reminding us a bit of Monarch for sure, but with a definite Whitehouse vibe, the sort of droned out buzz beneath near hysterically shrieked vox, which again eventually erupt into some pounding noise rock dirgedoom mathiness… WAY recommended for fans of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Khanate, Moss, Bunkur, Gnaw Their Tongues, Monarch, Wicked King Wicker, Wolf Eyes, Otesanek, Habsyll, Human Quena Orchestra and other purveyors of slow, low sonic sickness” 

- Aquarius Records