For the better part of the last decade, multi-disciplinary artist Nikki Telladictorian worked as one half of Pittsburgh-based industrial act PROMETHEUS BURNING, who released a series of increasingly fantastic albums ranging in style from hard-hitting rhythmic powernoise to retro electro-industrial inspired by late 80s/early 90s Wax Trax! era dance music. With the impending dissolution of PROBURN becoming apparent in 2014, Nikki had already begun working on solo material, which ultimately became this release. As she says herself, "At the time my heart was broken, my life was transitioning and future uncertain. I wanted to capture the raw essence of not only the emotion flowing through me at that time but the act of creation itself. " This release has been in the works for nearly five years, and 2019 sees it finally realised with a beautiful layout by Derek Rush and expert audio mastering by J. Stillings of STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES.
Later in 2019, ANNIHILVS will release the debut full-length album from TELLADICTORIAN, produced in collaboration with THEOLOGIAN.